Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty & Return Information

Hindley Electronics, Inc. warrants that hardware and electronic products we manufacture, and repairs that we perform, will be free from tangible defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of invoice from our company to the products purchaser.

This period may be extended if sufficient evidence is submitted that shows that the products initial in-service date varies from the original date of receipt. If a defect is discovered, Hindley Electronics, Inc. will repair, replace, or refund that purchase price of the product at our sole discretion.

The foregoing is in lieu of any other warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, and Hindley Electronics, Inc. is not responsible for any expense (shipping, installation, and removal), inconvenience or consequential damage caused by items of our manufacture or sale. Our company does not assume direct responsibility for items produced by other manufacturers. For more information, contact a customer service representative and additional warranty materials can be provided.

To Request a Return or Inquire About Warranty Status

Email: sales@hindleyparts.com

Phone: 888.352.4000